I am a freelance writer and editor living in Arkansas after finishing an MFA in poetry at the University of Florida. I’m trying to live more simply and responsibly to 1) live more and live better, 2) help the earth, 3) reduce my debt (see reason 1). This blog chronicles building a tiny house from the ground up as well as tips and DIY projects. Though my husband and I had grandparents who lived “in the country” and farmed, we are new at this and have a lot to learn. Please comment and share your thoughts/ideas/experiences!

My poetry has appeared or is forthcoming in Timberline Review2River View, Contemporary Verse 2Stonecoast ReviewGlassworksThe Main Street Rag, SixfoldSubtropics, Cellpoems, and Euphony Journal. I also have a chapbook, Polishing Silver.

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