First Raised Bed

We may not have raised our cabin yet, but I couldn’t help planting four Egyptian Walking Onions in a makeshift raised bed (no nails, measurements, etc.).

Raised Bed with Egyptian Walking Onions

Why a raised bed? The ground was hard, and it saved me from digging a hole. It also designated a garden spot in an area of land eager to reclaim itself. I used materials that were left on the property, most of which were “growing” beneath the row of prickly Bradford Pears we cleared this summer.

I put a sheet of cardboard down first to discourage weeds. I didn’t have rich topsoil ready (though there is plenty on the other side of the property), so I just shoveled from the dirt pile and hoped for the best. [More about how to use and grow Egyptian Walking Onions here.] More on raised beds in a later post.

We were really out there to weed eat—in the absence of those pesky Bradford Pears, a mini jungle will grow:

Mini Jungle

Mini Jungle

Overgrown Driveway

Overgrown Driveway

And speaking of Bradford Pears, they like to grow back:

Fresh Shoots from a Bradford Pear Stump

Any advice on eradicating these beastly things would be much appreciated!

By the end of the afternoon, a breeze swept out the low cloud cover, and with it, the oppressive humidity. I’m also happy to report that I did not get a single mosquito bite.

Angled View of the Cabin Spot 9-28-15

Angled View of the Cabin Spot


5 thoughts on “First Raised Bed

  1. Hey Lady, Make sure to get some cow poop for your bed! Not sure about the beastly prickly pear but, you could try a mixture white vinegar,salt and dish soap(acid burns, salt dehydrates, soap removes waxy protection from the leaves, promotes sunburn). Put a large amount on the tree and dig a trench around to let it soak to the root system. Try it, see if it works, might not be strong enough but, it is not poisonous to humans/animals. Miss you bunches!


  2. Put a can over the prickly pears that will not allow it to get sunlight. That’s how Don gets rid of unwanted trees.

    Gorgeous property!


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